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London is a lovely city that is thronged by tens of thousands of visitors from different parts of the world throughout the year. There are several reasons that could be cited for a London visit. The lifestyle followed in the city is one of the serious reasons to visit the city. There is always something on for the lovers of theater and music in London.

It is indeed true that artists and comedians and of course musicians reach London to make a name for themselves in acting or performing on the stage. As a lover of fine arts you would delight in visiting some of the loveliest theaters and art museums in London. The city hosts some of the finest art festivals every year too.

You would love to enjoy a drink at a local pub in London. These pubs can make the nightlife in London highly enjoyable too. Since drinking water is very pure in the city of London the tourists would never face the hazard to their health during their tours within the city. As a matter of fact the pubs are also bereft of smoke. Hence you can enter these public houses in London with complete comfort.

London pub photo
Photo by Abariltur

“The Hung Drawn and Quartered” Pub. London

Another reason why London is visited by such amount of tourists is that its hotels and restaurants serve the best cuisines that are palatable too. You can choose the cuisines among Pakistan, Indian, Caribbean, Middle East or North Africa as well as the cuisines from every country in Europe.

If you are a lover of tasting a morning breakfast then you should think in terms of entering one of the popular hotels in the city with an intention to taste breakfast comprising of eggs, bacon, tea, grilled tomatoes and sausage.

You would love to enjoy the River Thames cruise from Westminster to Greenwich along with the members of your family. Children enjoy Thames cruise to their heart’s content.

London offers lovely shopping malls and shopping centers much to your joy. You will get lovely British products at attractive prices much to your satisfaction. Walking across the lovely parks of London can make you fresh and happy. You would do well to think in terms of taking a walk across the park path in London.

Autumn season in London attracts a lot of visitors that throng the city with an intention to view all of its tourist spots.


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