Shortly about Spain

Spain (official name is Kingdom of Spain) is located in the Iberian peninsula and occupies its larger part. It is a parliamentary monarchy with King Juan Carlos I of Bourbon as the Head of State.

Since 1986, forms part of the European Union and since 2002 it is a part of the eurozone, when the country replaced its currency (Peseta) with Euro.

Elche photo
Photo by Pedro Núñez

Elche – the palm trees capital, Spain

Spain is divided into 17 autonomous regions, covers an area of 505,811 square kilometres, so it is the second largest country in European Union, (after France) and fourth largest in the whole Europe (just after Russia, France and Ukraine). By Population of 46,772,000 (2012) it is the fifth largest country in European Union (after Germany, France, UK and Italy) and the sixth in the whole Europe.

Madrid is the largest and capital city of Spain, however some people think that it is Barcelona, which is not the truth. Official language is Spanish, but there are other officially recognized languages: Basque, Catalan/Valencian, Galician and Occitan

Spain has always been a Catholic state. Almost 80% of Spaniards are considered Catholics.

Spain is a vacation paradise and one of the most popular travel destinations. It offers hiking mountainous landscape, fertile valleys as well as deserts, volcanic areas, rocky coastline, wonderful beaches with palm promenades. It is full of great and interesting history and its residents are happy enough to enjoy their life which is full of fun. Visiting Spain is ideal for all the young people, families with children and even for seniors.

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