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Sibenik is located right in the middle of Dalmatia. It is surrounded by beautify landscapes and historical monuments. It is a coastal land which makes it one of the best destinations to come too for a family vacation. It is approximately 100 km in length as it extends to the middle of the Dinare Mountain. The mountain is located about 45 km from the waters.

Around the town of Sibenik there is an archipelago which consists of 242 islands, reefs, and islet. This is in the North-West part of Sibenik. There are many surfaces here which are bare and have never been inhabited before. The islands are all unique yet with the same level of beauty as the next. The coved are beautiful with Mediterranean life lurking nearby; there is a clean smell in the air on the islands which make them a relaxing and pleasant place to spend time.

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Sibenik Garden

The Mediterranean area is where many tourists flock too to visit because of its beauty and the many accommodations that are available. Did I mention that much of the nature there is untouched? It is and lovers of nature are certain to appreciate viewing the untouched lands. With that being said there are two natural parks available for nature lover tourists to visit. Kornati is one of the parks and it has about 150 small islands that make up the entire park. Krka is a river national park and here you will be able to enjoy the beauty of many waterfalls that are there. The Krka National Park is located in the middle of the town of Skradin. The variety of things to see and do there has always been what has mainly attracted people to the site. You will get to see many of the prehistorical buildings that are still standing as well as some of the remains left of others. Some of these structures consist of Roman settlement structures, forts, and renaissance buildings.

When visiting Sibenik you can expect the climate to be Mediterranean. Some of the most famous places that many people enjoy visiting while they are in the city of Sibenik include:

  • Vodice
  • Primosten
  • Rogoznica
  • Island of Murter

Sibenik is known to be a town that is very economic and political. The culture is based off of the Sibenik-Knin County which is located in Dalmatia, Croatia. For those of you that are into history you’ll be able to discover a number of different historical monuments within the city, including:

  • Cathedral St. Jacob
  • Church of St. Krsevan
  • Church of St. Francis
  • Church of St. Nicholas
  • Church of St. Lawrence
  • City Hall
  • St. Michael Fortress
  • St. Ivan Fortress
  • St. Nicholas Fortress


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Croacia – Sibenik

Those are just a few mentioned of the many other historical locations that you can visit. As you can see there are plenty of churches in the city of Sibenik. Sibinek has a very spiritual and material culture. The history of the city has been built up with everything that you’ll see there from the surroundings of the national parks to the apartments, villas, and marinas.


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