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Sibiu is a tremendously important cultural centre in Romania and is enjoying significant growth in economy and popularity due to its location and its large international airport. Based in southern Transylvania, the city’s historical centre received a renovation in 2006 and is looking fantastic as a result.

The city is divided into upper and lower areas and combines a cosmopolitan mixture of ages, races and religions. It offers a unique medieval charm, wonderful views of the surrounding landscape and stunning parkland.

SIBIU photo
Photo by zio paperino

The city is famous for having a very relaxed, friendly and welcoming population (some say more so that Bucharest) and much of the city has been pedestrianized. There are also (rather uniquely for Romania) cycling facilities available to locals and tourists.

Nearby, you will find the bathing resort of Ocna Sibiului (about 15 kilometres away) which is a must-visit if you are in need of relaxation. The salt lakes offer natural healing properties and the more expensive spa resorts give the opportunity for true indulgence and relaxation.

Whilst in Sibiu, you simply must try the local dish Ciorbă: a sour soup made with meat and/or vegetables. You will find it on offer in most of the traditional restaurants in the old town, especially in the Piata Mica (Small Square) where you will also find rich pickings of other international cuisines. The Small Square is in fact the place to go as it is aimed primarily at the locals and therefore offers a higher quality of both food and service.


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  1. This is a place to be. And pretty good starting point to see other natural or man made marvels, all year round, starting with Bran Castle near by, or Sighisoara.

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