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Trying to decide on your next holiday destination can be a bit of a headache, particularly if you are hoping to visit somewhere you have never been before. It is however quite a nice problem to have, and with the pick of Europe available you are not short of appealing options.

To give you an insight into what to expect in Spain, here are six reasons to visit this vibrant and exciting country:


Spain photo
Photo by Saffron Blaze


1. The weather. Glorious sunshine in the summer months, perfect for sun worshipping and happy holidays. Watch out though, at the height of the season it can actually be too hot for some travellers.

2. The hospitality. Spanish folk are renowned for their laid back attitude and ability to linger over a convivial meal. Famously overused phrases like ‘siesta’ and ‘mañana’ are in general use in the UK as well as Spain as a result of this reputation.

3. The football. Some of the craziest fans in the world follow the hugely popular teams at the top of the Spanish leagues. The stadiums belonging to clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid host colossal sporting occasions: even if you’re not a soccer fan you will undoubtedly get carried away with the atmosphere.

4. The art. Whether your tastes run to paintings or architecture Spain has a rich history of producing incredible artistic talent. The paintings of Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali are familiar to a global audience and the Sagradia Familia cathedral by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona is not to be missed.

5. The food. There is nothing quite like authentic tapas served under a genuine Spanish sky. Little dishes of whatever you fancy, designed to share and cooked simply so that the quality of the ingredients shines through: absolute foodie heaven.

6. The drinks. From delicious local lagers to the potent red wine punch ‘sangria’ you are not short of tempting choices when it comes to placing an order at the bar. Spanish wines and sherries are staples on selective wine lists the world over, and don’t forget the coffee: a very important part of the Spanish social scene.


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