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We have all been there: a long flight, a red-eye that never ends, and we’re twitching and turning trying to cancel out the noise of that crying baby while at the same time finding the best position to trick our body into falling asleep. For some of us, it seems like nothing will ever make a plane seat comfortable and we are just doomed to stay awake for entire 10 hour flights.

Fortunately, we have some good news for you: there are a few pretty useful tricks you can use to get the best sleep of your life on a plane. Easy to implement and based on common sense: these are exactly the kinds of tips you need to make sure you snooze off peacefully on your next red-eye.

Splurge on your seat

If you can, book a business class seat. Better yet, go all out and book a first class ticket. If you can, of course. There are plenty of good reasons why these seats are more expensive than grabbing a regular economy class seat, and one of them is how much more comfortable they are. Although it can be a bit of a splurge to purchase a first class ticket, it will definitely be worth your money if you’re flying a red-eye and really need to get some quality sleep before arriving at your destination.

Choose carefully

If economy class is your only option, there is still a little trick you can use. Studies show that the most popular airplane seat is 7F and that the majority of people (and families especially) prefer to grab a seat at the front of the plane, possibly due to the perceived ease of disembarkation. So if you want some peace and quiet, choose your seat carefully and opt for one at the back of the plane. You’re less likely to be surrounded by other people, which means you will have more space for yourself and less noise around you.

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Bring a pillow

Most flights offer a pillow nowadays but they aren’t always the most comfortable option. There are plenty of different pillows you can easily carry with you and use to ensure you enjoy a good night’s sleep on your next flight. Neck pillows, head rests and big cushions are just some of the amazing options you have.

Dress Comfortably

If you are going to be traveling on a long flight, what you wear will dictate how well you sleep. Opt for loose-fitting clothes such as sweatpants and sweaters or stretchy items such as leggings, and make sure to bring along an extra pair of comfy socks to keep you warm during the night. Comfortable clothes can make or break your flight experience so forget about the latest trends and value your sleep so you can enjoy your next flight.


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