Some information about the beautiful Spain

Spain is a coastal state located in south-eastern part of Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula. It is bounded by the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic Ocean by 88%, the remaining 12% remain on the land borders with Portugal and France. The coastline is 4964 km long and the border 1918 km. Spain, with its area of ​​504,782 km2, occupies approximately 84% of the Iberian Peninsula. Spain also includes the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Balearic Islands archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.


The whole Spanish mainland consists of Meseta Central Plateau with an average altitude of 700 meters, which is surrounded by mountains. The “backbone” of the Central Meseta is formed by the Castile mountains, which divides it into north and south. Apart from the Meseta can be found in the northeast mountains of the Pyrenees and the Betic Cordilleras in the southeast.


The Andalusian Plain in the southwest, the Ebro Basin in the northeast and coastal lowlands consists of three main areas. The Andalusian Plain is composed of a wide valley of the River Guadalquivir.


In Spain, about 1800 rivers and streams, mostly shorter sections. They are small and irregular flow, and some dry season. Spain’s longest river Ebro (910 km) and longest river Tagus Iberian Peninsula (1038 km). One of the most important is the Guadalquivir river, which irrigates the Andalusian lowland, providing a very good agricultural conditions, and is navigable, and therefore provides a good connection with the sea.

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