St Julian’s – one of Malta’s most picturesque areas

St Julian’s is a town located on the northern coastline of Malta, just west of the capital, Valetta. The centre of St Julian’s is named Paceville and it is here that the thrumming nightlife can be found, with plenty of nightclubs and bars.

Popular nightclubs include Havana, Axis, Sky Club and Fuego and they offer an eclectic range of music.

St Julian’s photo
Photo by Fabrizio C79.

St Julian’s, Malta

If you enjoy a mixture of fine dining and serious partying, this is definitely the destination for you. St Julian’s is popular amongst teenagers and young couples, but plays host to many other ages and interests too. Traditionally a fisherman’s village, St Julian’s is a relatively recently developed place, having seen a change in its fortunes in the 1800s.

The development began with the building of Spinola Palace which overlooks what is now known as Spinola Bay. The rest of the area very slowly caught up and St Julian’s was transformed into the important seaside village that it is today.

However, the moniker of ‘seaside village’ can be a bit misleading for tourists as St Julian’s only has one public beach that is safe for swimming. The bays in the area are usually used to berth boats, which helps to retain the traditional fishing village atmosphere of the area.

Renting a car is a good idea so that you can explore the surrounding area and find some good beaches. However, St Julian’s is notoriously difficult to find parking in, especially during the summer months and at weekends.

But St Julian’s is also a very romantic town and belongs to one of the most picturesque areas in Malta.

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