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It’s already a challenge to stay healthy in general, so to stay healthy while traveling can easily seem impossible. But a healthy life is all about lifestyle changes. So you’ll easily be able to stay healthy on the go if you stick to some pretty simple and easy rules:

Plan in advance

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy while traveling is to plan well in advance. Research your destination: what are the most common diseases there? Will you need to get vaccines or to take specific medication? Is tap water potable? Will you be able to handle the local food?

Get your shots

Yes, traveling is all about adventure. But you can’t really go on an adventure if you’re stuck in the hospital suffering from yellow fever, can you? Before you travel, check with your doctor to see what vaccines you need to get. S/he will also advise on what medication to take and what precautions to have.

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Our physical and mental health rely heavily on the quality of our sleep. Sleep helps our brain function properly and plays a vital role in healing our bodies. A time zone change will already deeply affect our sleep patterns so make sure to get plenty of rest: this is the most important thing to make sure you stay healthy while traveling.

Stay Active

One important aspect of staying healthy in general is leading an active lifestyle. And traveling is no excuse to put this on hold! Staying active while traveling can be pretty simple: do chair squats in your hotel room every morning, choose to walk instead of taking public transportation, or end your evening with an hour at your hotel fitness center.

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Bring (healthy!) snacks

A healthy diet consists of small-portioned meals every 2 to 3 hours. When you’re traveling, it might be easy to forget simple rules like this. But it’s not impossible to stay healthy while traveling. Pack some healthy snacks (keyword: healthy!) for your long journey. Upon arrival, purchase snacks daily to keep yourself well-nourished while you travel.

Stay hydrated

Another huge of thumb to stay healthy while traveling is getting enough water. You know, those 8 cups of water nutritionists keep telling us about. It’s super simple to do this while traveling: purchase a small water bottle and refill it on the tap at restaurants or at your hotel. Or keep repurchasing small water bottles if tap water isn’t potable.

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Basic first aid

Packing a basic first aid kit will also help you stay healthy while traveling. What you include in this kit might depend on your destination and your general health. But some things to prepare for include headaches, fever, colds, diarrhea or constipation, and blisters.

Get travel insurance

To stay healthy while traveling, you’re going to need to have access to adequate medical care. And nothing will make sure you get just what you deserve quite like travel insurance. Travel insurance always covers health insurance so your dream adventure doesn’t turn into a nightmare with never-ending medical bills.

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