Stoney Forest – a geological wonder in Bulgaria

Just outside the unofficial capital of the Black Sea Coast, Varna, lies a geological wonder. It’s known as ‘Stoney Forest‘ or ‘Pobiti Kamani’ in Bulgarian.

Over fifty million years ago, two chalk strata of the earth’s crust joined together and forced up a formation of stone pillars which still stand. Some of the stones are only a couple of feet high whereas others soar to up to 6 metres high.

Pobiti Kamani photo
Photo by spankey007

Stone Forest (Pobiti Kamani), Bulgaria

If you are staying in Varna, you may want to get out of the city occasionally to visit local attractions, so put this at the top of the list. You will need to drive about 18km out of the city to find Stoney Forest but it’s definitely worth the effort. You will need your own car unfortunately but renting a car opens up areas of the Black Sea Coast that would otherwise be off limits so it’s worth the investment.

The main entrance to Stoney Forest plays host to a gift shop and an explanation board. You’ll be asked to pay a small entrance fee to walk around the stones. However, on the opposite side of the road, there is another section of the forest that is free to walk around. There are not as many stones here, hence the free entry, but it is still quite a wonder.

The main group of stones in the area is known as Dikilitash and these pillars are amongst the best preserved. Some of them have been excavated from their roots while others have been broken into segments.

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