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Supetar is a city that currently has about 3500 inhabitants. It is known to be the biggest settlement of the Brac Island. There are so many different things that are popular to see and do when you visit Supetar besides just eating out at some of the best restaurants and going to visit the beautiful beaches there.

One of the most highly recommended places that you can visit there is the Church of Mary Annunciation. This is an 18th century church that is full of history and things to see and learn about. There are some buildings that surround this church including the Leroj; the bell tower and a museum. As you enter the grounds of the museum you will be greeted by the St. Victor sculpture. Peter Jaksic is responsible for building this sculpture.

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Harbour of Supetar, Brač Island, Croatia

When you enter the church you will see the altar pala of the Virgin Mary and the surrounding saints. The creator of this wonderful painting is Felix Tironi who lived from 1722-1808. The organ that you see there was made in 1737 by Petar Nakic.

Next to the church you will see 6th century Mosiacs. The church was built on the foundations of the early Christian Basilica and was onsecrated to St. Peter.
At the bay of Supetar you will notice the white dome of the Neo-Byzantine mausoleum. It is of the Petrinovic family. Tome Rosandic of 1878-1957 crated this sculpture and it is right on the grounds of the cemetery from the church of Sv. Nikola. Next to the cemetery are the 2 early Christian sarcophagus. Right underneath the graveyard the Roman Villae Rusticae can be found. The majority of the graveyard monuments were sculpted by Ivan Rendic of 1849-1932.

Rendic spent his youth and the last several years of the end of his life in Supetar. He completed some studying in Trieste, Venice and there were many people there that considered him being an expert since he was known as being one of the best Croatician sculptors of all time; he was one of the best in the 19th century. He completed about 208 sculptors during the time that he was alive and they were all spread out across about 52 different cities. However you will be able to find a few of his works as the Ivan Rendic gallery where they are displayed for anyone to see that wants to observe them. The Alegory of mind sculptor is one of his many sculptures that is located at the very front of the gallery. It is indeed a very popular piece of work of his.

Near the same location the St. Martin church is located close by. It is a church that was built during the 18th century and it remains to be one of the only 19 Romanic churches that has been preserved on the Brac Island.

Supetar is a beautiful and historical piece of land to visit and you will certainly appreciate an adventure of learning historical facts while you stay there.


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