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The 8 National Parks in Croatia

The number of National Parks that you will find in Croatia is 8. The ones that enjoy the greatest popularity are the Paklenica, Brijuni, Krka, and Plitvice Lakes.

With regard to Brijuni national park, it is made up of 14 islands as well as islets. The park is occasionally described as Heaven on Earth owing to the intended coastline, the diverse fauna and flora. The park features historical heritage and culture that is from Stone Age up to now.

The other national Park is Kornati national Park and it comprises 89 islands, reefs and islets. The area of the park that is actually land is just ¼. The other area is the marine ecosystem. Eco tourists can read the news, pay attention to photo documentaries, description of islands, reefs, and islets, as well as the area map.

The Krka nationa Park adopts the name from the Krka River which passes through the park. This park is situated in Central Dalmatia. This to the Northeast of Sibenik and is just several Kilometers. It is possible to find the park, in a way that is interesting and picturesque by visiting the internet.

To Croatia’s far south is National Park Mijet. This park is said to be the Adriatic island that is most beautiful owing to some sites that are truly rare. For example, in the island’s middle area is a lake while the island that is in the lake has a castle within the island. The images which are almost surreal appear to have been sourced from beautiful stories.

Paklecina National Park is situated in Paklenica. This is an area with contact that is unusual and it lies between the mountain and a sea. It is also rich in natural forests of black pine, beech, and mountain pine. To learn about price list, animal world, vegetable, free climbing, alpinism, photo gallery, services, and tickets, you only need to visit the internet.

Plitvicka Jezera national Park is situated in a mountainous region that is woody. The number of larger and smaller lakes is 16, and these lakes are green and crystal blue in color. Streams and small rivers are the suppliers of water, and forest falls as well as foamy cascades are the ones that interconnect them. Details about picture gallery, accommodation, and video sequences are available online.

National Park Risnjak is Gorski Kotar’s second highest mountain. In 1953, the National park was taken up by the Republic of Croatia. This is because of the fact that even if it is small, you will find geological, geographical, and other different natural phenomenon that is of first class, and visitors can access it with ease. Man has not really interfered with the natural beauties.

Sjeverni Velebit National Park is seen as Karstic phenomena diversity, even in terms of the flora and faunas. This is only a part of the natural whole. The details about animal and plant life as well as protected objects are available online. In the intern you will also learn about mountain climbing as well as speleology.  

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