The Ardennes – large area of forests, hills and ridges in Belgium

If you want pure natural beauty, you can’t do much better than the Ardennes. Set in the south-east of Belgium they are one of nature’s more unspoilt areas. Picturesque villages are nestled in rolling valleys filled with traditions, folklore and delightful arts and crafts.

The region is notable also for its food. Mouthwatering morsels come from this area. Particularly good is the meat; the Ardennes are known for their delicious game, wild boar, venison, smoked ham and paté. However the drink isn’t to be sniffed at either; the Trappist beers are appreciated all around the world.

Picturesque villages photo
Photo by Magic Garden 2012

In spring and summer the area is at its most beautiful; you can go walking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, horse riding, climbing and mountain biking. Any mountaineer would find themselves at home here, with a very exciting array of challenges to face. However in winter you can take on a whole new set of sports; tobogganing, skiing and snow scooter racing are all very popular.

If you prefer a quieter life, though, there is plenty to see in the Ardennes. The caves underground and incredible sights to behold, but above ground there are numerous castles, forts and citadels to visit. During special events there are re-enactments of battles in these places.

Whether you want to stay in a holiday cottage, bed-and-breakfast, chalet, tent or castle, there will be somewhere to cater for you in the Ardennes. Whatever your budget or your plans, you’ll find something in these lush, leafy rolling hills.

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  1. Rachel

    Loads of outdoor activities to do, I can’t wait to put my ass on the kayak and paddle my way thru the river. I bought a new tent, and Ardennes would be my testing ground. 😉