Spend amazing exotic vacation on the west coast of Crete

The west coast of Crete is a very special part, which has not been touched by the modern time. There are several lively resorts and a lot of lovely villages where you can see and feel the typical local atmosphere and spirit.

The beaches are beautiful and relatively untouched. The stunning beach near Elafonisos is compared with the Caribbean beaches because of the pink-white sand and clear blue water.

The summer temperatures remind to all visitors of Crete that this part of the island is only 300 km away from North Africa. The sea is very shallow and you can easy reach some of the coastal islands. The main city of the area is Elos located in the foothills of Agios Dikeos Mount. The area is known with its chestnut trees and the largest city in the northern end of the west coast is Kissamos and is great for those who are looking for comfortable hotels and restaurants.

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Another place worth seeing in western Crete – Chania – is among the most picturesque villages on the island. Its beautiful scenery, lively harbor, historic sites, lovely markets filled with people and goods, interesting museums and beaches nearby make it the perfect resort for memorable summer vacation.

Chania has retained its unique charm and spirit despite the many tourists on its streets. Large enough to provide all urban amenities, Chania is still preserving its unique face and it’s a place where you can feel like in home pretty quick. Beautiful nature undoubtedly contributes to that fact.

The shiny blue waters of Cretan Sea to the north and the beautiful Lefka Ori Mountain to the south offer amazing views that will fascinate you for sure. There are really a lot of cafes and restaurants where you can relax and try some of the best meals in your life.

There are many high beautiful houses along the streets which create an atmosphere which highly resemble the one in Venice. The Venetians are only of the nationalities that left their mark on this beautiful place.

Chania was an important Minoan city that is relatively unknown, but nowadays you can see many well preserved Minoan ruins that will help you to learn more about the interesting history of the region. The Archaeological Museum of Chania is a place where you can see many of the best artifacts found in other sites in the western Crete.

Crete Island is really great place where you can spend one amazing exotic vacation. The numerous water attractions, archeological sites and lovely hotels and restaurants of western Crete will make you feel comfortable and entertained even from your first seconds spent on the island. Plan your trip in western Crete in advance and you will find many great deals that you simply can’t ignore.

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