The Breathtaking Natural Attractions of the Caribbean

The sandy beaches, the crystal clear water and swimming in the sea is what comes to one’s mind when you think of the Caribbean. But these islands have a lot to offer in addition to the sun, sea and sandy beaches. For the nature lovers there are so many natural attractions to be explored. Following is a list of natural attractions the Caribbean islands have to offer.

The Baths, British Virgin Islands

The huge granite boulders is one natural attraction that had caught the attraction of the tourists. Some compare this to the English Stonehenge. Being located along the shore these boulders make up caverns and pools. Most of the visitors not only see the baths, they prefer to get into the water and swim, dive or snorkel. This is also a very safe way of enjoying a sea bath. The shallow waters keep the swimmers safe and even those who cannot swim, but love to be in the sea water can enjoy these baths.

British Virgin Islands photo
Photo by Mark Alexander PhotoG

The Baths, British Virgin Islands

Drive-In Volcano, St. Lucia

The St.Lucia volcanic island is one of the most special places among all of the natural attractions found in the area. This volcano is semi-active but safe enough to reach closer to it. Hence this is as close as you can get to an active volcano. In fact a vehicle can be driven quite close to the volcano and see the hissing crater and smell the sulphurous air. Those who visit the volcano find it a very special experience since it is a very rare opportunity to witness a volcano in action real time from the naked eye.

St Lucia photo
Photo by Jeff Clow

St. Lucia

Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

This is a large limestone cave that is one of the major natural attractions of the region. There is a 40-foot waterfall and various crystal clear water filled underground pools among the main attractions inside the cave. Exploring the cave is quite easy as there is an electric tram that runs through the cave. This way the safety of all the visitors are secured and it is convenient as well. Because the exploration is done on a tram this gives the opportunity for the whole family to enjoy this experience.

Harrison Caves photoHarrison’s Caves, Barbados

Bio Bay, Vieques

This is a very narrow and shallow bay completely surrounded by mangroves. The microorganisms that live in the bay happen to emit blue-green light when the waters around the bay that are clam gets disturbed. These light emissions are considered even more powerful than the conventional flashlights used at homes. The most common activities take place in the bay are swimming, cruising and riding electric boats.

St. John National Park, U.S. Virgin Islands

Named as the most unspoiled Caribbean natural attraction the national park spreads more than 60% of the whole island. There are trails one can take to explore the natural beauty of the park. Or if needed there are guided tours that can be arranged. One can get the assistance of park rangers as well. They have a thorough knowledge about the area and the flora and fauna that exist in the park.

John National Park photo
Photo by SteveD.

St. John National Park, U.S. Virgin Islands

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