The city of Luxembourg – the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg, the capital of the country of the same name, has such spectacular valleys and plateaus that it has been nicknamed the “Gibraltar of the North”.

It’s divided into 24 districts, but most tourists stick to only four; Ville Haute, which is the medieval town core, Ville Basse, which is the most picturesque area, Gare, which is the where you can find the train station, and Kirchberg, the modern city.

Luxembourg city photo
Photo by BAPAX

Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

Walking around Luxembourg allows you to really appreciate the beauty of it; you can get to know the whole city on foot within two days.

There are many things to sightsee — an old fortress called the Grund, Neumünster Abbey, the pedestrianized old town where most of the shops can be found, the Place Guillaume and the Place d’Armes, Cathedrale de Nortre Dame, the Gëlle Fra, the Eglise St. Michel and the World War II Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, for example.

Luxembourg city photo
Photo by tuanland

Luxembourg City at Night

If you’re in Luxembourg during the end of August and start of September, the enormous historic funfair Schueberfouer attracts huge crowds. There are exciting rides to enjoy and stalls to find interesting things to eat and drink, or you could just enjoy the party atmosphere.

Or if you’re in the city on the 23rd June you can celebrate the country’s national day, where all-night street parties, fireworks and parades are enjoyed by the cities population.

Luxembourg Castle photo
Photo by TommyDPhotography

Castle Bourscheid, Luxembourg

For a calmer holiday you can just enjoy the many Michelin star restaurants, English/Irish themed pubs and beautiful boutiques that Luxumbourg boasts.

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