The Spanish Costas – the most popular tourist destinations in Spain

The Spanish Costas are probably the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. The main coastline is fragmented in many costas, which are very different, one from another. Without further ado let us try to list and summarize all of the Spain costas.

1. Costa Brava is a name which has become very well known. It refers to the coast of the Province of Girona, and it is limited by the Pyrenees and Mediterranean Sea. This coastline is a land of contradiction which has a strangely captivating relief and atmosphere. Combining flawless beaches with rural charms it seems to attract more and more people every year. It is also a great place to find the exquisite luxury villas.

2. Costa Blanca is located in the southeastern part of Spain, in the province of Murcia. This coast maintains a rural aspect which makes a different representation of the Mediterranean country side. The Costa Blanca offers a very varied number of attractions and climate types.


Costa Blanca photo
Photo by Reinoudp

3. Costa Dorada, also known as South Catalonia, comes from the golden color of the beaches. It extends from Barcelona along the Mediterranean Sea until it reaches the city of Tarragona.

4. Costa Calida is the most southerly region which is stretched over 250 kilometers of coastline and spectacular beaches. The costa benefits from a micro-climate which keeps it particularly warm.

5. Some of Spain’s most picturesque, virgin coastline, natural parks and deserts can be found in Costa Almeria. Almeria is also home to bustling tourist centers which create an interesting architectural contrast with the natural habitat.

6. Costa del Azahar is located on the Mediterranean Coast and is one of the most northern of the provinces of Valencia. Surname Castellon de la Plana, it is a special place, unlike all other costas because the relief present creates an unexpected contrast between tall hills, rugged vegetation and an endless carpet of shores and waters.

Costa del Azahar photo
Photo by Pixeltravel

Peniscola, Costa del Azahar, Spain

7. Costa del Sol has energy unlike any other part of the world you have ever experienced. The Costa del Sol has everything for everyone. From low budget vacations to luxury trips, the water parks, pubs, golf courses and clubs are sure to make you feel extraordinary!

8. Costa de la Luz is located in the province of Cadiz. It is heaven for wind and kite surfers, protected by the pine woods. This is the coast of Western Andalusia, the Gateway to America and a place which is marked by 3000 years of history, present in the many cities it contains.

All costas are unique in their own way. While some are marked by wild mountain ranges, fertile pasture lands, historical buildings or relaxing sandy-beaches, one fact remains the same. There is something for any type of tourist. A thorough research is advised before choosing your next travel destination.

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