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It is not the truth that there is still raining in Britain! In fact, summer temperatures often exceed 30 °C, which is perfect for discovering the fantastic beaches and coastline. And although it is raining sometimes, periods of fine weather can happen at any time during the year.

Weather Overview

The typical weather in the UK is fairly temperate weather and overcast. The period of pleasant weather, however, can occur in all seasons. Thanks to the northern latitude are local residents happy to enjoy long summer evenings.

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Heavy Weather in the UK

The weather can vary from day to day, but the temperature in summer (June-August) ranges between 14-30 °C. In winter (December-February) is cooler with temperatures around 1-4 °C. There are significant differences between the weather in Scotland and southern England. Generally, the further south you are, the higher the temperature you can expect.

Seasonal changes in weather and how to dress

Regardless of the season, the weather in the UK can vary from day to day. So if you think about what to wear, the best option is to pack a few light clothes, as well as things that can be stacked (so you can add or remove layers depending on temperature) and at least one warm sweater and a waterproof coat or umbrella.

Spring (March-May)
The spring can be beautifully sunny, but cold and wet. Temperatures fluctuate between 6 and 11 °C. May can be warmer – up to 18 °C.

Summer (June-August)
Most summer days are warm to hot, but evenings can be cool. The average temperature is around 14 to 30 °C, however it can reach up to 35 °C during some hot summer days.

Autumn (September-November)
Autumn days can be hot, but equally there can be even colder days. Temperatures fluctuate between 7 and 18 °C, and September is usually warmer than November (like elsewhere in Europe?).

Winter (December – March)
Winter brings shortest and coolest days (about 7-8 hours of daylight) but the sky is usually crisp and clear. Temperatures tend to be around 1 to 5 °C.


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