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Though it is right off of the coast of Pattaya, Ko Larn is a world away from the nightlife hotspot. While Pattaya has an amazing selection of clubs, bars and things you just won’t see outside of Thailand, Ko Larn is all about the beach. If you are ready to get away from the hustle and bustle, Jo Larn is the place to be. Right from the Bali Hai Pier off of Walking Street, you hop a boat to Ko Larn that takes just 15 minutes to get you to this tropical oasis.

Ready to go? Here are the eight ways to enjoy yourself.

Tawaen Beach

Most boats from Pattaya will dock on Tawaen Beach and it is the perfect place to start exploring. While a bit crowded, you can typically find yourself a nice spot on the beach. There are countless beach activities going on all day and night, as well as plenty of restaurants and shops on the beach to keep you occupied.

Samae Beach

For a stunning, slightly more upscale beach, head to Samae Beach. You can rent out bungalow there or just try some of the amazing seafood from nearby restaurants. The beach is quite big so even though it gets crowded at weekends it doesn’t feel too packed.

Nual Beach

Want a beach totally to yourself? Head over to Nual Beach. At the farthest end of Ko Larn, Nual Beach is a great place to unwind solo. A word to the wise, however: Many nudist also have the same idea. Come prepare to see the occasional au natural sunbathers.

Try parasailing

Ko Larn is the perfect place to go parasailing. Whether you are an old hand or looking to try it for the first time, this should be at the top of your to-do list. It is easy to find a parasailing company operating from pretty much any beach in Ko Larn and it is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.

ko larn photo
Photo by vladislav.kulebakin

Hop on a Banana Boat

Looking to stay a bit closer to the ground? Hire a banana boat and you are sure to have have a few good laughs.

Hire a bike

Want to see everything that Ko Larn has to offer? Hire a motorbike and cruise around the island. It is the perfect way to get your heart racing while you zip around this tropical paradise.

The other kind of bike

A bit intimidated by the idea of hopping on a motorbike in a foreign country? Hire a bicycle! While Ko Larn is a hilly island, it remains very accessible and is a good way to burn off the calories from all that amazing Thai food.


When you are ready to cool down, jump in the water and explore the stunning array of sea life just that lives just off the shore of Ko Larn.

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