Things To Do In Ko Ngai: Top Three Things to Know!

The most developed of the Trang Islands, Ko Ngai is full of flawless beaches, turquoise water, and luxe resorts. The mere 4 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide island is full of tropical forest and has a coast lined with rocky coastline. The unique little island has no native inhabitants and no roads. So, if you are looking to truly get away from it all, and have a quiet little tropical paradise to yourself, Ko Ngai is the place for you.

Getting around

Being such a minute island, Ko Ngai is easy enough to get around. For the most part, you can just wander from one beach onto the next. There is one jungle path that connects the main beaches on the eastern coast to those on the southern and western coasts. The paths are well worth hike around and, fortunately for the directionally-challenged, you can only get lost for so long before you will hit the water. If you are looking for a lazier path, head to the beach to hire a longtail boat. Some of the best views of Ko Ngai can be gained from the water and it’s dirt cheap to get out there. If you prefer to get a kayak, you can hire one from any one of the resorts or hire one from the local diving school for 50 baht an hour.

hit the water

Whether you get a kayak, rent snorkel gear or learn to dive, the water is the place to be in Ko Ngai. Hire anything and everything that you need from one of the island resorts then get out there. Emerald Cave (also known as Morakot Cave) on Ko Mook is one of the most popular attractions. There are longboats that you can get a seat on for a guided tour or you can take your own kayak over there. However you do it, it is truly the most beautiful site that you will see on your trip to Ko Ngai so be sure not to miss it.

Koh Mook Ting Tong Bar

Before you leave Ko Ngai, be sure to visit the Koh Mook Ting Tong Bar. It is by far and away the most popular spot to get a drink and relax after dark on the island. Come for the sunset, have a drink, try their burgers, and then stick around for the fire show on the beach. The place always has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you can chat with the owners and other travellers any night of the week.

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