Things To Do In Ko Phai: 4 Things You Need to Know!

Ko Phai (also known as Bamboo Island) is the largest island in Mu Ko Phai, a small uninhabited group of islands off the eastern coast of Thailand. Ko Phai is just 20 kilometers off of the west coast of Pattaya but it is a world away. The empty island doesn’t have a single restaurant- say nothing of non-stop nightlife and go-go bars as far as the eye can see. So, when you feel like you have partied your final party in Pattaya, it is time to get over to Ko Phai. There is only one thing to do once you get to this island paradise and that is unwind.

Getting there

When you need to get away from the tourists and vendors and flashing lights of the Pattaya, hop on the boat to Ko Phai. You can typically find a boat going your way if you stop at any one of the chartering companies lining the beaches or you can stop by Bali Hai Pier for a ticket on a speed boat. Regardless of which boat you choose, it is a stunning trip from Pattaya to Ko Phai. Plan for a two hour long trip max.

Understand the land

It is important to know that Ko Phai is under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. That means that the island is under regular observation and no permanent facilities can be located there. While it is allowed to spend the afternoon there, you can’t spend the night there. Although that limits what you can do with your time on the island of Ko Phai, it also means that the natural beauty of the island can be preserved indefinitely. With no permanent facilities, the island is able to stick to its roots. All of the natural beauty of the island has been preserved and there are no gaudy hotels or bungalows taking over the beachfront.

Make a plan

With no permanent facilities there, you won’t be able to buy any of the essentials like food or water. This means that everything you need has to come with you from the mainland (and be taken back too!). Pack everything that you will need for the afternoon and leave the land exactly as you found it.

Ready, set, Unwind

Once you have packed up and reached Ko Phai, it is time to relax. Plan on a day of lounging by the beach and exploring the water. The shipwreck of the HTMS Khram that is located just off the coast makes for an amazing dive site. If you are looking for a more casual afternoon, just swim and lounge the day away.

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