Things To Do In Ko Phi Phi Don: 10 Best Tourist Attractions!

Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest and only permanently inhabited island of Ko Phi Phi archipelago in the Krabi Province. From its white sand beaches to its crystal clear sea to its non-stop nightlight, Ko Phi Phi doesn’t disappoint. Here are the ten greatest ways to spend a day- or a lifetime- in Ko Phi Phi Don.

Phi-Phi Viewpoint

If you can climb steps and hike for about 30 minutes, you can get a view that is truly second to none. The lush forest, steep cliffs and glittery sea view that you can see from the Phi-Phi Viewpoint is one of the most beautiful sights in Asia, if not the world.

Phi Phi Scuba

Ready to get an underwater view? Nobody does scuba lessons like Phi Phi Scuba School. Learn how to dive and see the wonders that lie under Ko Phi Phi Don.

Pum Restaurant & Cooking School

Once you have worked up an appetite, head over to Pum Restaurant and Cooking School to try your hand at the art of Thai cuisine. They have everything from quick 30 minute lessons up to full day long courses so it’s easy to find something that suits you.

Ko Phi Phi Le

Don’t miss out on the beauty that surrounds Ko Phi Phi Don. Take an evening boat off of the island and cruise around your own tropical paradise while you watch the sun set.

Monkey Beach

This place lives up to its name. If you haven’t gotten enough moneys around Thailand, hire a kayak and paddle alongside Monkey Beach.

Ko Phi Phi Don
Photo by Souvik_Prometure

Loh Da Lum Bay

This is the place to be at any hour of the day. One of Ko Phi Phi Don’s favourite beaches, you can find a nice place to lie in the sand, go for a dip, then stick around for the stunning fire shows that happen every night fo the week.

Adventure Club

Not sure what you want to do? Head over to the Ko Phi Phi Don Adventure Club, where they’ve got lessons on diving, snorkelling and anything else you can do in the water. Don’t miss their early morning shark watching tours.

Spidermonkey Climbing

Ready to get vertical? Climb the towering cliffs of Ko Phi Phi Don for a view that will literally take your breath away- although I don’t recommend looking down!

Ko Phi Phi Don Food Market

When you are ready to mingle with the locals, head down to the central food market where you can get some of the freshest, most authentic food in town.

Maya bay

Last, but certainly not least, get over to the ultra popular Maya Bay for a place in the sand and regular boat trips out to the surrounding islands.

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