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Ko Phi Phi Lee is part of the Krabi Province in the Phi Phi archipelago in the Andaman Sea. The picturesque, rugged island is one of the two “Phi-Phi Islands.” Surrounded on every side by soaring cliffs, Ko Phi Phi Lee is famous for its snorkeling and sunset cruises. While there are no hotels on the island, Ko Phi Phi Lee is an incredibly popular spot to spend the day. Intrigued? Here are a few spots you have got to see!

Viking Cave

This beautiful cove has a fascinating story. Viking Cave is an important source of swift’s nests, which is an incredibly valuable ingredient in Chinese bird’s nest soup. Collectors of these nests risk life and limb on crazy bits of scaffolding. Before they get to work, they pray and leave smokes and alcohol as a sacrifice to the god of getting up those dangerous cliffs.

Ao Maya

Remember the movie The Beach where Leonardo DiCaprio finds heaven on earth? It was right on the island of Ao Maya. Every bit as stunning in person, it is well worth a visit from Ko Phi Phi Lee.

Ao Pileh

Ready to get physical? Kayak into the otherworldly lagoon at Ao Pileh. The amazing cliffs give way to a perfect beach where you can dock and take a rest.

Ko Phi Phi Lee photo
Photo by WhiteWith0ne

Longboat Trip

Leaving from Ko Phi Phi Don at 16:00 every day, you can get the perfect view of Ko Phi Phi Lee from the sea. Circle around the island, get dropped off at the beach for a few hours and come home with pictures that’ll make your friends drool forever.

Loh Sama

Hop on a snorkelling boat and get over to the south side of Ko Phi Phi Lee for some of the best sights in Thailand. Swim through the stunning coral and amazing array of tropical fish.

Pi Leh Bay

On the west coast of Ko Phi Phi Lee, directly across from the famous Maya Bay of Ko Phi Phi Don, you can find the amazing 100 m tall cliffs of the gorgeous Pi Leh Bay. It’s a great place to swim and just take in the view. It’s also got a consistent shade so it’s a nice place to geo when you need some time out of sun.

Palong Bay

When you are ready to ditch the snorkeling gear and go for a proper dive, head to Palong Bay. There are remarkable coral formations and reef sharks all around this beautiful Ko Phi Phi Lee bay. It is important to know that it’s just for experienced divers and groups. There can be a strong current so it’s not a place for beginners to go solo.

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