Things To Do In Ko Phra Thong: Finding an African Safari in Asia

Ko Phra Thong is part of the Mu Ko Ra Ko Phra Thong national park. It is part of a network of islands in the Andaman Sea which include Ko Kho Khao, Ko Pling, Ko Ra, Ko Pho Ta, Ko Luk Tum, Ko Tung Na Dam as well as a smattering of 37 other islands that are scattered all over the mangrove swamp.

Needless to say, Ko Phra Thong is the perfect place to get away from it all. Like countless other islands all over Thailand, Ko Phra Thong has picture perfect beaches. From bleached blonde sand to the crystal clear waters, the island is your little piece of paradise. But it is more than that. In fact, Ko Phra Thong is best known for what lies beneath the surface of the water and inside its wide open plains.

Start exploring

Ko Phra Thong is unlike anywhere else in Thailand. In fact, it is unlike anywhere else in Asia. With its landscape that looks more like the savannahs of Africa, you will quickly see that something different is happening here. Rather than finding zebra, lions and tigers, you can try to spot Sambar deer, leopards and fishing cats roaming the land. Explore the grasslands, melaleuca forest and a peat swamp that is home to a massive variety of animals.

Meet the locals

In fact, Ko Phra Thong is likely to be the highlight of a trip to Thailand for any serious animal lover. On top of the exotic flora, you can find endangered Thai bird species and dugongs, the ultra rare sea animals that look something like a cross between a manatee and a whale. On the ground of Ko Phra Thong, you can check out sixty different species of wild deer, macaque monkey, otter, boar, dusky langur, palm civet, armadillo, pallas squirrel, flying lemur, grey-bellied squirrel, flying fox, and island mouse.

Spend the night under the stars

Ready to take your Asian African safari to the next level? Pitch a tent for the night! See the nightlife of the local deers and boars. Sleep under the stars then go wash up in the sea in the morning. After high tide, trek to either the northern or southern side of the island to relax on the sandy for the perfect breakfast.

Go for a dip

When you are ready to cool down again, grab your snorkeling gear and explore the turtle families of Ko Phra Thong. It is truly the best place in Thailand to go swim alongside the sea turtles. And, it’s not all about the little green ones! There are countless exotic fish swimming in the sea amongst the beautiful coral.

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