Things To Do In Ko Rang: 5 Best Tourist Attractions!

Just a few kilometers off the east coast Phuket, Ko Rang is paradise. If you love white sand beaches, sparkling turquoise water, exotic sea life, water sports and quiet beaches, Ko Range is the place for you. There are few beaches on this earth that can hold a candle to Ko Rang so if you are searching for the ultimate beach holiday, this one has got to go on your to-do list. Whether you go for a couple of hours or a couple of days, it is well worth the trip.

There are countless pearl farm tours that you can take you from Phuket to Ko Rang or just take a 20 minute boat ride from the Laem Hin Pier on the eastside of Phuket. You can hire a longtail boat for around 1000 baht for the trip over. It is definitely a worthwhile experience if you have never been on a longtail boat. You can also just go the quick route a hop of a speedboat off of Phuket.

A Pearl of a Place

One of the most interesting things about Ko Rang is its pearl industry. Some of the world’s most impressive pearls come straight from the waters off of the shores of Ko Rang. You can visit the site where it all happens to see how they are harvested, cultured and turned into stunning pieces of jewelry.

Circle the island

Like many of the islands dotted around Thailand’s water, Ko Rang is a tiny island. In fact, you can hire a bike and know the entire lay of the land within an hour. And you should. Follow the narrow paths through the palm trees and circle the island until you are ready for another swim.

Ko Rang photo
Photo by thejollynomad

Swim with the fishes

People come from all over Thailand to enjoy the amazing snorkelling in Ko Rang and it is definitely something that you won’t want to miss out on. Plan a full day to lounge on the beach, have a picnic, snorkel the amazing waters then watch the sun setting over the horizon.

Spend the night

While there are no hotels on Ko Rang, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend the night there! Hire a tent for the night from the mainland and bring it with you or just sleep under the stars. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience to sleep on such a breathtakingly beautiful beach on your own.

Go Fish

Once you wake up, go grab some breakfast straight from the sea! Hop on a fishing boat from the shores of Ko Rang (or you can take one from the beaches of Phuket) and try your hand as a Thai fisherman.

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