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On the hunt for your own private paradise? Forget about The Beach! You need to get over to Ko Wai. With its rocky cliffs, exotic sea life, and lush jungles, Ko Wai is everything that a tropical island should be. Leave behind the nightlife and crowds of the mainland and enjoy a true holiday.

Spend the night

Staying overnight in Ko Wai will give you a sense of what it is like to live like a local on one of Thailand’s many tropical islands. With very few bungalows available, there is no need to shop around. Any given bungalow will basically just be offering you a place to rest your head. The majority of places only turn on the power for a few hours in the evening. For the most part, there is no hot water or wifi anywhere. Really, don’t even bother looking for a fan. Think of it like glamping. If you come in with the right frame of mind, it will be the experience of a lifetime.

Walk the Island

Ko Wai is a very small island. You can circle from one end of the island to the other in well under an hour. And you should! Wander along the beautiful beaches and take in all that this tropical oasis has to offer. By the time you have stopped for a picnic and cooled off in the water, you can easily make a lovely, relaxed afternoon of it.

Circle the island

To get another perspective of Ko Wai, spend some time circling the island. You can kayak around the island in less than two hours and the views are breathtaking. Pretty much any bungalow can help you organise a kayak hire and it is a must-do for any nature lover.

Head for the hills

Spend an afternoon hiking through the island. Track down the path that starts near Pakarang Resort then wander through the beautiful island until you hit the beach. While it could be a short walk, you’ll want to stop for regular photo ops and just enjoy the natural beauty.

Go snorkelling

Once you have seen the land from every angle, hit the water. The waters off of Ko Wai are crystal clear and full of exotic sea life. Snorkelling is by far the most popular activity on Ko Wai and it is one that you shouldn’t miss.

Watch the sunset

For the perfect view of sunset, get up to Sunset Point. To get there, you’ll want to walk up the steep path just past the Paradise Bungalows until you reach the top. From there, you will have a picture perfect view.


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