Things To Do In Koh Tao: 10 Best Tourist Attractions!

Koh Tao means Turtle Island in Thai. When you see the island from a distance, you’ll get a sense of how the island got its name. The mountainous island is one of three island off the eastern coast of Thailand. Compared with its neighbours Koh Phangnan and Koh Samui, it’s the tame one of the group. Koh Tao is known for its quiet beaches and natural beauty. When you want to get away from it all, this is truly one of the best places on earth.

Aow Leuk Bay

Pack your snorkelling gear and a nice picnic lunch then forget about every worry that you have ever had while you dip your feet in the crystal clear waters.

Tanot Not

Drive down the rough road, climb on top of the massive rock that defines the shoreline then dive into the sparkling water below. You’ll feel like a kid again as soon as you hit the water.

Sai Nuan Beach

In the mood for your own little secluded bit of heaven? Head down to the picturesque white sand beach of Sai Nuan.

Koh Nang Yuan

For a slightly more touristic trip, get down to Koh Nang Yuan beach. Hire a sun lounger, eat some seafood then lie in the sun until you are ready for a swim. Repeat until it is time to go home.

Monsoon Gym and Fight Club

It is rare that a gym makes anybody’s top ten list but this one is an international favourite. Go for the Muay Thai training camp and come home with a lifetime skill.

Koh Tao photo
Photo by Iñigo Fdz de Pinedo

Flying Trapeze Adventures

Ready for more adventure? Book a 90-minute trapeze lesson. Stay for a nightly show afterward and maybe even show off your new skills on stage.

Big Blue Diving Resort

Koh Tao is best known for its world-class diving. One of the longest-running diving centres on the island is the Big Blue Diving Resort and it’s a great place to learn the basics.


Grab a kayak from any beach and check out the amazing coastline of Koh Tao. There are a stunning mixture of rocky and sandy beaches. You can rent a kayak for 100 baht from anywhere.

Boat Trip

Another great option from any major beach is a boat trip. Typically the big boats will leave for tours around 10 in the morning and return at 4 in the afternoon.

Ko Tao Leisure Park

When you are looking for a new kind of adventure, head down to this family-friendly locale to play the day away.

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