7 Things to Do in Krabi

TripAdvisor readers rated Krabi as their top beach destination for two years in a row (2013 and 2014), and there’s good reason for that. Tropical islands and beaches lure the sun seekers, stunning natural landscapes attract the lovers of the outdoors, and the town’s laidback atmosphere is a plus for those traveling as a family. You’ll find plenty to enjoy in Krabi and – best of all – the town is still largely untouched by the mass tourism industry.

Ralay Beach

This is one of Thailand’s most beloved beaches, and you’ll find it really close to Krabi town. And, if you’re getting tired from sipping your cocktail at the beach (is that even possible?) head up to the viewpoint to get an impressive panoramic view of the beach and the bay.

Island Hopping

There are way too many stunning islands near Krabi for us to count them. So if tropical islands are your idea of heaven, head out to the bay and hop on a speedboat or a traditional long tail boat. You can explore all kinds of popular Thai islands from Phi Phi Island, to Hong Island and more.

krabi photo
Photo by juliaclairejackson


Kayaking is always fun, but we guarantee you’ll enjoy it even more if your backdrop is the stunning Thailand tropical landscape. If you want to make your trip a bit more educational, sign up to one of the many sea-kayaking tours. They’ll take you to places such as Ko Hong, with its famous Emerald Lake, or Ban Bho To, where you’ll be able to see some 2000- to 3000-year-old cave paintings.

Night Market

Krabi wouldn’t be a real Thai town without its daily night market. After 4pm, head to the river bank just next to Tha Khong Kha. You’ll find the most pleasant place to spend your evening here. Stroll along the river as you enjoy some traditional wok noodles, grilled snapper or dom yam gung (prawn and lemon grass soup).

krabi night market photo
Photo by Photo Temple (Over Eleventy Bazillion Views!)

Wat Tham Seua

Also known as the Tiger Cave, Wat Tham Seua is one of Thailand’s most unique temples. Some have argued it should be included as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. To contribute with your two cents in this discussion, head up the 1237 steps and admire the golden Buddha statues and incredible panoramic views.

wat tham sua photo
Photo by Sarah Marston

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

One hour outside of Krabi town is one of Thailand’s most visited attractions. The lush forest at Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is home to a variety of plants and animals. But its most prominent feature is the Crystal Lagoon – or Emerald Lake, as most us know it by. You can go for a swim here or simply admire the beauty of the waterfall that feeds it.

Khao Khanab Nam

Khao Khanab Nam photoPhoto by EricMagnuson 

As you wander through Krabi town and look at the city’s surrounding region, you might spot two intriguing mountains in the horizon. Those are the Khao Khanab Nam, one of the area’s most prominent landmarks. Many have tried to climb to their top, but many have also failed, as you can confirm from the human skeletons that still haunt the place. One of the mountains, however, can be climbed and the views are just breathtaking.

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