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Like all of Thailand’s southern provinces, Trang contrasts its lush mountainous interior with a white sandy coastline stretching onto the balmy waters of the Andaman sea. Plenty use the town as a pit stop before heading out to the tropical islands of Ko Muk, Ko Kradan, Ko Libong and more. But if you’re one of the few who choose to spend a couple of days in this laidback town, you’ll get to see a piece of real Thailand and uncover some incredible natural sites.

Tuk Tuk Hua Kop City Tour

If you’re looking to explore the city but don’t know where to start, a tuk tuk city tour is for you. With four different routes that take you through all of the city’s major attractions including Buddhist and Chinese temples, foreign quarters and official government buildings.

Khao Kop Cave

Less than 7km outside of the city, you’ll find one of the most impressive natural wonders of Thailand. This inland cave, also called Dragons Cave in English, can only be reached by an underwater canal. You’ll have to hire a rowboat and the guide will take you to and through the cave, showing you its most prominent features. Just beware: this isn’t the best attractions for the claustrophobic! On your way out, you’ll have to pass through something the locals call the belly of the dragon. The trip involves some 15 minutes of lying flat on your back as solid rock brushes past your nose.

khao kop cave photo
Photo by AraiGodai

Trang Night Market

When your stomach starts growling at the end of the day, head towards the clock tower to discover its traditional delicacies on display at the daily night market. From delightful curries to fried chicken and the freshest seafood – you’ll be able to try just about every Thai specialty here.

trang night market photo
Photo by Minh-Tri Nguyen

Kopi Tasting

Trang is very well known for its coffee, or kopi. Its thick texture and strong taste render it similar to an espresso. But its richness goes deeper: the intriguing mix of cultures that is such an intrinsic part of Trang have fused to create a unique blend. Enjoy a cup of this traditional at Kopi (an aptly named coffee shop right next to the train station) or at Yue Chiang (south of train station on Rama VI Road).

Trang Botanical Garden

Just outside the city, you’ll find one of Trang’s best kept secrets. This botanical garden flourishes into a true wild jungle with rare plants and trees. And its main attraction is definitely the kilometers of canopy bridges that can take you through the gardens some 18 meters above ground. Five observation stations are scattered across the network of bridges to give you breathless panoramic views of the surrounding area.

trang botanical garden photo
Photo by UmmAbdrahmaan @AllahuYasser!

Cake Festival

Who doesn’t love cake? Trang is especially known for its delicious sweets and every year, in August, the city holds a festival to showcase its sugary treats. These make for excellent gifts (or for excellent excuses to indulge your sweet tooth).

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