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Ko Lanta is possibly one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, and it has many things to do – long, white sandy beaches, excellent snorkelling and diving spots, scooters for rent, and many places for dining out. Most of the Things to do in Ko Lanta are beach-related, as you would expect from a tropical island paradise! Check out the best tourist attractions and activities below:

Best Things to do in ko lanta:

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enjoy a Romantic Dinner on Klong Nin Beach

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Honeymooners and couples, take note – nothing beats a romantic, celebratory dinner right on the beach in Ko Lanta! Klong Nin beach is the perfect location for dining with your toes in the sand, whether you’re with a significant other or not! Enjoy some delicious, authentic Thai food with a sunset over the ocean as a backdrop, and take a long walk along the soft white sand of the shoreline to end off a perfect day. Check out Time for Lime for a creative, Thai-fusion dinner on the beach, or Koala Bar Restaurant for exceptional cocktails and a delicious range of Thai and Western food.

Grab some street food at Klong Nin Food Market

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If you can tear yourself away from the gorgeous Klong Nin beach, take a stroll into nearby Klong Nin town and sample some of the local street food. Alongside the usual grocery shopping spread of fresh fruits and veggies, you’ll find local Thai snacks and sweets for sale! The Klong Nin market is open on Tuesdays and Fridays, so be sure to time your visit accordingly. During the afternoon is a good time to visit, as it is less hot and more relaxed.

Rent a scooter and explore the island!

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One of the best Things to do in Koh Lanta is exploring the island via scooter! You can rent a scooter from a local rental shop, or from your accommodation, and pay per day (or several days) for a reduced rate. Ko Lanta has good roads, and has relatively flat terrain (except for a few fun hills, and twists and turns in the road!) which makes for safe and comfortable driving. As long as you follow sensible safety precautions and look after yourself, riding a scooter in Ko Lanta is both exciting and a great way to get from A to B!

Ba Kantiang Beach

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Escape the crowds and spend a day in paradise on Ko Lanta’s beautiful Ba Kantiang Beach! This peaceful, stunning stretch of peachy-coloured sand is a wonderful place to relax and reconnect with nature. Once you’ve soaked up enough sun and taken several dips in the ocean, head on over to the Drunken Sailors Coffee Shop. Here you can lounge around in the hammocks, enjoy some great coffee, and grab a bite to eat before continuing your day.

Explore Lanta Old Town

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Get a taste of local life in Ko Lanta by visiting the peaceful and charming Lanta Old Town. With wooden buildings perched on jetties, traditional fishing ships, and lovely ocean views, it’s a great place to spend a lazy afternoon or a day off from the hustle and bustle of beach resorts. Be sure to pack your camera – there are many interesting houses to photograph and landscape/seascape shots to take!

Go snorkelling at nearby Ko Rok

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Discover the incredible sealife that Thailand has to offer with a trip to Ko Rok for a day of snorkelling! Get up close and personal with hundreds of unique types of fish, corals, plant life, and enjoy your time in an underwater paradise.

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