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The Three Cliffs Bay is astonishing place to spend your long awaited summer vacation. The sandy beaches, hot sun and the waves of the azure sea will make your trip to this amazing spot in Wales incredible and memorable without any special efforts.

The fantastic landscapes, steep cliffs and dunes will double the joy of your experience if you choose to visit the area during the summer season.

You just need to see some pictures of the amazing Three Cliffs Bay to find the answer of questions like “Where to go this summer?” and “Which is the best beach destination to visit?” Many tourists prefer to visit crowded beautiful resorts that only offer luxury rooms and pools, but the lovely area of the bay will dufinitely help you not to be one of them.

Although all people have different requirements and ideas of good beach and beautiful nature, it is 100% guaranteed that Three Cliffs Bay will meet all your expectations.

Three Cliffs Bay photo
Photo by Margarita K…

The beach is beautiful, clean, well maintained, safe, have the needed infrastructure and the amazing views of the incredible bay with its mighty cliffs create the necessary atmosphere for relaxation and pleasant walks all day long. People who have already visited the amazing bay say that the beach is the best one in Britain and probably in the whole Europe.

Well, probably South Wales is not a place where you can expect to see amazing beach with fantastic surrounding natural wonders, but if you visit the Three Cliffs Bay you will change your mind immediately.

The famous three cliffs create stunning panoramic and colorful views, and it is not coincident that the bay is considered to be one of the most magnificent bays in the UK. The unforgettable beauty of the rocky bay will free your imagination and desire for adventures for sure.

The strong coastal breeze makes the place really suitable for surfing and windsurfing, and it is visited by thousands of fans of these extreme sports every year. Well if you are not huge fan of these water activities, then just a pleasant walk along the shore will be enough to understand the huge power and beauty of the nature.

Three Cliffs Bay photo
Photo by Ffoto360

The Three Cliffs Bay also offers many other opportunities in addition to all pleasant activities at the lovely beaches. If you are fan of hiking, climbing and walking among stunning phenomenon, then you will enjoy your stay there for sure.

The cliff tops, sand dunes and wonderful paths with numerous views will add the needed adrenaline to your vacation. The terrain is very diverse and it can be dangerous if you are without guide or you are beginner, so be careful and you will spend countless relaxing hours among picturesque landmarks that are really rare in our world.

The numerous hotels and campgrounds supply everything needed comfort for;maximum pleasure and satisfaction. It’s better to camp if you want to feel the unique charm of the Three Cliffs Bay, but you won’t make mistake if you visit the amazing natural masterpiece even for one day if you don’t have time for longer memorable holiday.


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