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Everyone loves to travel (and the farther away the better) but not everyone loves to endure +10 hours on a plane. Even if you’re flying to your dream destination, surviving a long-haul flight to get there can seem like a nightmare. But don’t worry: we have you covered with some of the best tips to survive (and maybe even thrive) on your next long haul flight.


Long haul flights are the best place to spend your frequent flier miles to upgrade your seat. And even if you don’t have enough miles to use, consider spending some extra money to upgrade to business or even first class. You will thank yourself later for the extra legroom, wider seats and fully reclining chairs.

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Prep your entertainment

Get all of your devices charged up. Then bring an extra charger. Fill up your iPad with blockbuster movies and addicting games. Maybe even bring some work to finish up on the plane. Nothing will burn through the long flight hours like some good Hollywood style entertainment uninterrupted by emails or phone calls.

Pack lightly

Sure, it might be more expensive to check in your luggage. But bringing along large carry-on pieces may mean you will lose that much-needed extra legroom below the seat in front of you. Remember: less is more. You can check out some of our best tips to pack light here.

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Wear comfortable clothes

Loose-fitting and stretchy clothes will be your absolute best friends on a long haul flight. Think leggings or loose jeans and a bulky sweater. You may not be the most stylish person on board, but you will definitely be the most comfortable.

Choose your food carefully

Filling up on food before or during your flight is not a good idea. Experts say our digestion takes longer at higher altitudes so you will want to avoid heavy foods (think bread, rice, meat). Opt for lighter meal options and pack some snacks to avoid going hungry throughout the flight.

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Choose your drinks carefully too

While it’s super important to stay hydrated on a plane, you can’t drink just about anything. Avoid caffeine at all costs and opt for some soothing tea instead. Alcohol is also a big no-no. Some argue that alcohol may help you relax and eventually help you sleep better. But time and time again, experts have proven that alcohol does not have this effect at such high altitudes. (It may, in fact, have the opposite effect.) And keep that water coming – your skin will thank you later.

Pack these to help you sleep

You’re bound to try to get some sleep while flying a long-haul flight. It’s not the easiest task but some items may help you doze off for a little while. Pack a comfortable neck pillow, some noise-canceling headphones, and an eye mask. If that doesn’t do the trick, consider bringing a sleeping aid. But remember to try it at home before trying it on a plane!

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