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The world isn’t a scary place, but traveling is very distracting and can make us more forgetful of safety measures that we usually follow in our own home towns. So, on your next trip, make sure to follow these tips so you can enjoy a relaxing – and safe – vacation:

Don’t leave your stuff unattended

This one is obvious but it happens way too often. It’s too common a sight to see tourists leaving their backpacks at their feet or behind them at the back of their chairs – and this is exactly how most “I got robbed” stories start. Whether you’re enjoying a delicious pastry at a café or relaxing on a park bench, make sure your backpack, camera bag or whatever else you have on you is either on your lap or strapped to you somehow.

Be discreet

Just like how you would do at home, being discreet is the best way to avoid being robbed. Don’t flash around your grandmother’s diamond ring at a bar and don’t carry your $2,000 camera around your neck – this will only grab unnecessary attention. Only bring your essentials with you on your trip and keep all valuables safe.

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Photo by Alexas_Fotos (Pixabay)

Separate your sources of cash

Lost luggage at the airport, a forgotten wallet at a café or a pickpocketing incident can all result in a very sticky situation when you are abroad. So make sure you separate your sources of cash: keep credit cards on different wallets, store some money in your luggage and split some emergency cash between you and your travel partner.

Do some research

Of course we all do some research before traveling to our next destination, but while doing so it’s important to pay special attention to certain details. Whether you’re reading a travel guide, blog post or talking to a tour guide, make sure to take note of any unsafe areas or local customs that must be respected in order to stay safe.

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Get vaccinated

Your health is just as important as your valuable items and it shouldn’t be forgotten on your trip abroad. Besides making sure that your regular vaccines are up-to-date, you should also check with a doctor if your destination requires any additional vaccines or medication.

Scan your docs

To prevent being stripped of your most important documents (such as your passport, booking confirmations and flight tickets) in case of theft or misplaced luggage, scan it all. Today, with cloud systems and easy access to the internet, you can save the scans on your phone and easily access them if you need to.

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Photo by Ian Halsey

Give it up

Again, this might seem like an obvious thing to do but, if you are approached and robbed, give up everything that you are asked for – phone, cash, credit cards, passport. This will be easier to do if you’ve followed some of our tips and separated your sources of money and scanned your documents.

Make sure someone knows where you are

This is especially true if you’re traveling solo! But even if you’re traveling with a partner or a group, make sure someone back home knows where you will be while you’re away. Emailing them your itinerary or booking confirmations is an easy way to make this work.

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Photo by DameBoudicca

Get travel and health insurance

To make sure you’re covered in any and all situations, travel and health insurance are a must – especially if you’re considering traveling to a more remote area or if you’re planning on taking up an adventurous sport.


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