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London is a great city that abounds in lovely and beautiful parks. It is believed that the autumnal season is the best season for the visitors to throng this city simply because of the fact that its parks get decked with lovely and spectacular flowers much to the delight of their eyes.

London parks are affectionately called the Royal Parks. There are many of them that attract tens of thousands of visitors from different parts of the world. Wimbledon Common, Bushy Park, Regent’s Park, Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park, Primrose Hill, Victoria Park and Battersea Park are some of the parks that are often referred to as Royal Parks of London.

Bushy Park London photo
Photo by martin_rees

Bushy Park, London, UK

It is indeed true that many visitors throng the Bushy Park in London along with the members of his family to enjoy its surroundings. Richmond Park is about a 30 minute drive from London. You will find this place characterized by dense forests and mighty oaks much to your astonishment. This park is so large that visitors do not actually know where to start walking from.

Hampstead Heath is yet another lovely park of London that is so vast to traverse. This particular park abounds in hills and mounds. You will find tens of thousands of cyclists in the area. Children enjoy every bit of their visit to the Royal Parks of London.

Victoria Park is a perfect place in London to visit during afternoon. This park abounds in rich foliage. Hence you are guaranteed of cool abodes in the entire park.

Brockwell Park in London is known for its greenery. This particular park is often referred to as the Mecca of London especially when it comes to entertainment meant for children. A visit to the Kensington Palace in London can take you near St. James Park. Its lush green foliage offers spectacular backgrounds for the amateur and the professional photographer.

St James Park Lake photo
Photo by beatbull

St James’s Park Lake, London

Holland Park and Green Park are two other Royal Parks of London that attract several tourists from all parts of the world. Waterlow Park and Cannizaro Park are two parks that attract children by virtue of their foliage and greenery.

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