Tokaji – the best place in Hungary to buy wines

If you like wine, Tokaji is a place you must visit; it’s world famous for its white wine and for being the centre of the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region. Whilst there are admittedly lots of wines being produced in this region, Tokaji produces only white wines, and most of these are sweet dessert wines. If you’re looking for an earthy red, this isn’t the place to come.

You can get around Tokaji easily on foot, but there are wine buses that you can order to give you a tour of the most interesting wine-related places in the area. Or you can get around by ship on the River Bodrog and Tisza, taking part in a white ship trip. You can also hop from village to village in the wine region on the train.

Obviously in such a profilic wine region you’ll be able to actually purchase quite a lot of wine too. Tokaji is the best place in Hungary to buy wines. There are plenty of independent wine producers that create lots of different flavours and qualities of wine — lots of tours and lots of tastings are needed in order to find what you want. There’s also a wine festival in the last weekend of May.

If you’re not interested in wine, Tokaji still holds plenty to do. Climb Kopasz-hegy (The Bald Mountain), visit the Tokaj Museum, go fishing in the rivers or enjoy many of the local delicacies — the fish in this region is particularly good.

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