5 Top Attractions in Bangkok – Thailand

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is filled with limitless number of wonderful things to do and see for almost every kind of traveler. It boasts of an interesting blend of old and new. Some of the world’s cheapest but most delectable foods, spectacular temples, languid canals, red-light districts, street side vendors, colorful taxicabs, busy pedestrians and a unique culture define this wonderful city in Asia. Here are 5 of the top Bangkok attractions that you have to visit in a trip of Bangkok:

Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw

The Grand Palace of Bangkok photo
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The Grand Palace of Bangkok and its royal temple, Wat Phra Kaew, are always at the top of any list of top attractions in Bangkok. The palace served as the residence of Thai kings until 1946. But due to the mysterious death of King Ananda Mahidol in 1946, no other Thai king lived in the palace. Now it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok. Wat Phra Kaew is regarded as the most revered temple in Thailand. The temple houses the famous Jade Buddha.

Wat Arun

WAT ARUN photo
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Wat Arun, also known as The Temple of Dawn, is one of the most stunning temples in all of Thailand. Located on the bank of Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun is very different from most other temples in Bangkok. Its design and riverside location give it the perfect look from the other side of the river. The temple is named after the Hindu god of dawn (Aruna). If you find a single image of a Bangkok temple on a postcard, it has to be Wat Arun.

Wat Pho


Wat Pho photo
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Located just south of the Grand Palace, Wat Pho is the oldest temple in Bangkok. Built by King Rama I, this magnificent temple is most known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha that houses a huge (15m high and 45m long) statue of Buddha. The statue is so big that it is difficult to take a single picture of the entire statue.

Khao San Road

Photo by Le Petit King

This one can be a little surprise to many. But if you are a backpacker, Khao San Road is surely one of those places that you can’t miss in a tour of Bangkok. Although it is a small road close to the Chao Phraya River, it has become a famous road for offering a great opportunity to taste delectable Thai foods and find cheap accommodations ranging from small dome style hostels to reasonably priced hotels. The road used to be a popular rice market in the past.


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Bangkok is not limited to its temples and palatable foods as it offers great opportunity of shopping as well. If you want to mention one recognizable shopping center, it has to be CentralWorld. This renowned mall was initially opened in 1990 but in 2010 during an anti-government protest, the mall got seriously damaged. After the repair works, the mall is simply the best place to shop in Bangkok.

Bangkok is not limited to these 5 attractions. There are a good number of other wonderful attractions that worth all your time and money. The first three in this list are the three of the best temples in Bangkok and the other two are best place to taste cheap, delicious Thai foods and best place to shop in Bangkok respectively.

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