Top destinations if you travel alone

To travel alone due to numerous reasons is not something strange, so if you are in such situation then you have to know some of top places which you can visit and enjoy alone. Traveling alone to some interesting places of the world has its benefits and the thrill of the challenge is really great.

Check below some of the top destinations which you can visit and still have fun even if you are alone. Their beauty, uniqueness and spirit will compensate the absence of adherent for sure.


Ireland is the perfect destination if you choose to travel alone, because there is no way a person to be lonely there. The Irish are very friendly and welcoming and if you need new friends, then you will surely find them in Ireland.

Besides the sights of Dublin, you can also visit the nature around the city and to enjoy many beautiful lakes and mountains. You will have a chance to try the famous Irish black beer and don’t worry, you will always find someone to say cheers.

Custom House Dublin Ireland photo
Photo by Darragh Sherwin

The Custom House, Dublin, Ireland

New York

Where else you can travel alone if not in the largest city of the USA. New York is the city that you can easily tour just by using its subway. Many people think that New York is not a safe place, but you can be sure that you will hardly get into troubles when visiting the best attractions of the city during the day.

They are really a lot and you can be sure that even one week won’t be enough if you want to see everything that the amazing city offers.

New York USA photo
Photo by 12bluros

New York, USA


The sixth largest country in the world that occupies an entire continent is a wonderful place for anyone who decides to travel alone. Its infrastructure is very good and it is pretty easy to go everywhere you want. The domestic flights are very well developed and cheap, so you will experience the feeling of independence really fast.

The cities are calm, safe and offer many opportunities for cheap accommodation and great relaxation. Of course, Sydney should be your first destination if you decide to see the beauty of Australia. The opera and the lovely harbor are just some of the attractions that you can see there. The nature is amazing and the chances for numerous adventurous activities like bungee jumping, rafting and jet skiing are really a lot.

 Sydney Australia photo

Sydney, Australia


If you decide to visit some colder destination while traveling alone, then Iceland is the right place. The amazing scenery which you can safely explore by yourself will keep you mind and soul busy for sure. Try the geothermal springs in the snow and make sure to schedule your trip during Aurora Borealis, and you will experience one truly unique vacation.

Aurora Borealis on Iceland photo
Photo by Arnold van Wijk

Aurora Borealis on Iceland

These are just some of the top places which you can visit if you travel alone. Their beauty and uniqueness will definitely help you to have fantastic time during your deserved trip.

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