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Cornwall, England is a lush and lovely countryside that is bathed in the beauty that makes England so unique. England has been a long time favorite vacation spot for many of the elite and continues to grow with each passing year as a tourist attraction. Cornwall boosts many attractions for family’s and the young at heart.

Here is the list of Top Places to visit in Cornwall, England with pictures, map and short information about the place. Enjoy reading and let us know your experiences below in the comments once you explore them.

1. Gorran Haven Beach

Gorran Haven Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in England. It features a dog friendly and handicapped accessibility. With local shops, and pubs the white sand beach is sure to attract many families and young adults to come bask in the sun or play in the water.

There is easy access to a car park that can house 500 cars and is within walking distance. Gorran Haven Beach sits right outside of the quaint little town of Gorran Haven making it convenient to find a place to stay for a weekend getaway.

Gorran Haven Beach photo
Photo by Bob.Bee

Gorran Haven Beach, Cornwall, England, UK

2. Cornish Heritage Safaris

If you’re looking for a little different adventure then try Cornish Heritage Safaris, which adds a little jungle adventure to visiting Cornwall. Cornish Heritage Safari features coffee in the morning, lunch, and evening tea or wine and beer tasting, whichever you signed up for.

The local eateries have a great selection of foods and wine and beer to offer and it’s all included in your price of admission. Not only will they show you the countryside and all its mystery and wander but they will drive you home as well.

They have a few different tour selections to choose from such as the Arthurian tour, the Bodmin moor tour, Bicycles, betjeman and beer tour, Alternative Tintagel tour, and not to forget the Eden project and Ancient project botanical tours. Each tour features its own schedule and plan of events and is all inclusive with price of admission. So pick your tour and enjoy your visit.

Remains of Tintagel Castle photo
Photo by yorkshire stacked

Remains of Tintagel Castle

3. Trereife House

The Trereife House is a beautifully remodeled centuries old family house that has been converted to a bed and breakfast. During the summer months it is open to the public for viewing.

They will be featuring a Café starting in June and lasting through the summer months for a great dining experience. The recent filming of a movie at the Trereife house has drawn many visitors to this special place.

4. Nature Workshops

Nature Workshops is a great way to get the family outdoors and learning something new. This adventure is dog friendly and wheelchair accessible and incorporates the nature of Cornwall into an adventure for the whole family.

They feature such fun and creative things as den building, campfire building with marshmallow toasting, woodland Safaris, and pond dipping to name a few. They offer special event settings for weddings, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and group and business outings.

They can even offer an open pit fire cookout for such events. Each ticket purchased helps them in their efforts to help young underprivileged children in the area.

5. SkyWire at the Eden project

SkyWire at the Eden project is something to add to your vacation itinerary. Who hasn’t wanted to go zip lining across a beautiful forest? Eden features many plants and the iconic rainforest and the Mediterranean biome structure.

Each featuring its own seasonal colors and plumage. SkyWire is located in the Eden Project but purchasing a ticket to the Eden Project doesn’t get you on SkyWire and there is no need to purchase an Eden ticket just to ride SkyWire.

Eden Project photo
Photo by Jon Law (

Eden Project, Cornwall

6. Mineral Tramways Trail

If you want to experience country life then why not visit Mineral Tramways Trail. With its year round walking, and horse trails it’s open to the public and has a bit of history connected to the trail.

Featuring the original tramways from Portreath to Devoran, there are history plaques all along the trail telling of the stories and adventures.

7. Colliford Lake

If you want to get a little fishing done while on vacation then try Colliford Lake. It’s the go to place for Brown Trout fishing and neighboring moorlands to one side and a nature reserve with bird watching on the other.

This lake is handicapped available but not boat or Jet Ski accessible making it a really quiet places to get some fishing in and enjoy the scenery.

Colliford Lake Cornwall photo
Photo by timallen_0701

Colliford Lake, Cornwall

8. The Clearing Spa

Imagine taking a break from the busy week, while your husband takes the kids fishing you can be relaxing in The Clearing Spa at The Cornwall Hotel Spa and Estate.

Designed to offer relaxation and comfort at the hands of an aromatherapy genius. Each spa treatment will relax you, revive you, and rejuvenate you making your vacation time more enjoyable and less stressful.

Treatments ranges geared for men, women, mothers-to-be, and teenagers. Offering something for everyone. They also offer nutritional help and personal training.

9. The Exchange

Maybe you would like to take in some artwork while visiting Cornwall? If that’s the case take in the artfully designed building of The Exchange.

Designed with a state of the art glass outside structure and featuring a former telephone exchange, it houses many national and international contemporary art, plus work by some regional artists. They also offer workshops, live screenings, and events making this one of the go to places to visit for art history.

10. Outdoor Adventures

If visitors want water fun, they can try Outdoor Adventures with its unique location and all the adventures that they have planned for you, you simply cannot be bored.

They offer family activities and activities where you can separate from your kids and they can do one thing and you can stay back and relax or do your own adventure.

They have a truly amazing staff that is licensed and trained to make sure you have a great time while you’re there. They have different packaging plans for families, stag and hen parties, and surf lesson plans, and coastering at Cornwall. There is no way you will be bored one second of your time here at Outdoor Adventure.

Outdoor Adventure photo
Photo by

Outdoor Adventure

With all these options for a great vacation in Cornwall, England don’t you think it’s time to start planning your next trip there? Whether you like history, outdoors, or beaches they have a lot of stuff to entertain you and keep you busy for days.

You simply cannot experience everything the region has to offer in one weekend. Many visits to Cornwall are in order, making this the top places to visit in Cornwall, England.


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