Top Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling as a family is a great way to make memories to last a lifetime. But sometimes, hitting the road with kids can be incredibly challenging and stressful. Here are some of our top tips for enjoying a fun and relaxing time as a family:

Choose your destination well

Travel experts have found that the most successfully family trips are those where parents and kids are involved in choosing the destination and planning the itinerary. So make sure to choose a destination that everyone can enjoy. We have some suggestions for you here.

Stay central

Your accommodation is very important as well. Whether you decide to book a hotel room or an apartment, make sure it’s kid-friendly and easily accessible. Elevators, plenty of floor space, thicker walls, family discounts are just some of the important family-friendly facilities.

Pack Smart

Packing lightly and efficiently is important for making any trip enjoyable. But it is particularly so when traveling with kids. You don’t want to be carrying out impossibly heavy suitcases when you have a toddler crying and a restless 7-year-old running around everywhere. Pack as light as possible, but efficiently as well! For the kids, pack their daily outfits in clothes compressor bags to make it easier to get going in the morning.

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Bring Snacks…

When kids get hungry, they make sure everyone knows about. So to avoid the hangry tantrums, pack healthy snacks and keep restocking while you’re traveling. Lord knows they’ll come in handy during a flight delay or unexpectedly long waiting lines.

…and some comforts from home

We all get homesick sometimes. But kids often have a harder time dealing with this. So make sure to bring alone some comforts from home (especially if it’s the first time they’re traveling). Their favorite stuffed animal, t-shirt, night time storybook or pillow case can make a world of a difference.

Slow down

Just like back home in the “real world”, don’t expect to get as much done as if you were traveling alone or as a couple. Kids create all kinds of unexpected situations so plan for slower days.

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Be flexible

On that note, learn to go with the flow too. You never know where your adventure as a family will take you, and that’s okay. Learn to expect the unexpected and make your travels as flexible as possible.

Consider a cruise or all-inclusive resort

If you really just want to go on a holiday where you can completely switch off and have everything taken care of for you, then a cruise or an all-inclusive resort are your best options. Cruises and resorts have plenty of activities for all ages and tons of family-friendly facilities.

Plan for Time Apart

If you’re not booking that cruise or enjoying a few days at a dreamy all-inclusive resort, it’s still important to plan for some time apart. Kids need to be kids and make friends their own age. And adults need some quiet time and conversations that don’t revolve around stained t-shirts or lost toys.

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