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The fourth largest city in France, Toulouse is often looked over by tourists. However it is a truly lovely place to visit; nicknamed “The Pink City” because of the distinctive Roman-style red brick buildings, it is a fascinating place.

Whilst Toulouse is a big city, the historical centre is quite small. If you wished you could walk to most of the beautiful and famous places in the city and it’s definitely the best way to explore; the quirky and unique places that you wouldn’t find by bus are what gives Toulouse its character.

Toulouse Capitole photo
Photo by Jose Antonio Abad

Toulouse Capitole

The most interesting stops in Toulouse include the Basilique Saint Sernin, a partially restored church from the 11th Century. Or you could visit the Capitole, a beautiful town hall and theatre. Les Jacobins is a monastery church with relics from Thomas Aquinas, but you can also visit Les Augustins, an old monastery church that is now an art museum.

Saint-Sernin Basilica photo
Photo by dirac3000

Evening over Saint Sernin Basilica, Toulouse

However, Toulouse is a wonderful place to just relax. Stroll across the Garonne river and the Pont-neuf, just absorbing the beauty and the splendour of The Pink City.

Enjoy a long meal at one of Toulouse many restaurants — the duck is a delicious regional speciality. On Sunday morning visit the flea market by the Basilique Saint Sernin to soak up authentic Toulouse atmosphere.

Sunset in Toulouse photo
Photo by lamnn92

Sunset in Toulouse,France

There is a wide range of hostels and hotels in Toulouse, stretching from the very basic to the incredibly luxurious, ensuring that you will find somewhere suitable and comfortable to spend your evenings.

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