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There are several custom requirements applied to passengers who want to travel to France while being accompanied by their pet or pets (even the number of pets is limited – up to five). This article will introduce you to these necessities to make sure that you comply with the requirements and prepare your pet or pets carefully for this departure. It is not important if you plan to take a trip or to relocate in France; the rules are the same, so take a look at the following lines and check with the things that you need to do prior to this departure.

* First of all the pet-s should be micro-chipped and be vaccinated against rabies.

* The pet or if there are several (up to five, as mentioned above) must have their own EU Pet passport stating that it or they has-have been vaccinated against rabies by a vet surgeon.

* The pet should be over 3 months old and the pet must be accompanied by all the necessary paperwork that your vet should provide you for the trip.

* In case the pet was vaccinated against rabies as its first vaccine, then you should wait 21 days before entering France country. If your pet needs an updated vaccination against rabies, you must have it done with at least 1 month prior to the departure date. So take note of this fact in due time and prior to booking the flight tickets.

* You are recommended to treat and vaccinate the pet-s against worms, ticks and parasites although this is not a customs requirement. This thing is also good for your pet helping it to build an immune resistance to any type of parasites or diseases that it may come across while traveling.

You must know that there are some diseases that happen to be quite spread in several parts of France territory so you will want to know that your pet-s is/are well protected by their immune system. Heartworm, tick born Babesiosis and the disease spread by sand flies known as Leishmaniasis disease are those conditions that you want your pet to stay away from.

Pet dogs are probably the best seen pets across France and you will find French services offered with a higher attendance to dogs than to you!

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