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Looking to rub shoulders with the rich and famous? When are ready to throw around some serious cash, there are some truly breath-taking spots on this planet that you have got to see. Whether it is just for a daydream or you are ready to book a private island tomorrow, here are the most beautiful places in the world.

Matangi Private Island Resort, Fiji

All 332 islands of Fiji are stunning but nowhere is quite like Matangi Private Island Resort. You can get a spot of your own on one of the most exclusive islands on earth for prices starting at just $600 per night. Lounge in the crystal clear water then explore the pristinely preserved natural beauty of the remote island. If you are rich enough to lay down the cash, there is no better place to spend it.

Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay, The Bahamas

You have never seen The Bahamas like this. This collection of 11 gorgeous islands in the Caribbean are a true paradise. You’ll never get a room on any of them though. If you want to stay, you have go to rent the entire island. Talk to Mr. David Copperfield and organise your own private island. Rates start at $37,500 per day. Invite a dozen of your closest rich and fabulous friends to have the party of a lifetime.

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Cayo Espanto, Belize Rates

For a better value, grab a private island off the coast of Belize. For just $11,000 per night, the richest amongst us can have a piece of land in the Caribbean to call your own. If you are flying solo, you can get a simple villa for only $1,295 per night. When you see the place, you will realise that it’s worth every single cent.

Indigo Bay Resort, Mozambique

Ready to jet off to Africa? Check out this show-stopping resort that caters to nature lovers from around the globe. Gawk at the impressive 180 species of bird fluttering overhead while you swim in the Indian Ocean alongside half a dozen different species of both dolphins and sea turtles. And, while you can’t rent the whole place, you can stay at a stunning beach chalet for less than $600 per night.

Sonora Resort, British Columbia

Not really into the whole tropical scene? Head to Sonora Resort to take in all the beauty of the great white north. Lounge in the five-star hotel, walk amongst the grizzly bears, then go kayaking. It’s just a quick helicopter ride from Vancouver and you can lie your head on a pillow for just $500 per night.


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