Triassic Park – get back to the time of dinosaurs | Austria

200 million years ago in the Triassic period, the Waidring Steinplatte was all underwater. But the sea has gone now, leaving a place of wonder and adventure. Now it is a place of mountain hiking, skiing and exploration.

The incredible coral garden around the peaks of the Steinplatte have long been able to awe and amaze us, but now visitors to the site of the ancient sea are able to learn more about what went on in that underwater world.

Triassic Park photo
Photo by MegaBenzyl

The new Triassic Park aims to teach children about history whilst letting them play. Set in the prehistoric background of the Waidring Steinplatte, the park is full of modern and exciting features. Ride in U-shaped gongolas, right from the Waidring valley station of the mountain cable car up to the Steinplatte.

Learn about fossils and how to find them in the Triassic Centre by experiencing 3D animations and astounding exhibits. Then climb the Triassic Trail to the Coral Garden to see how many fossils you can find.

Once they’re tired from all their adventures, wind down and play on Triassic Beach. If you’ve got some leftover energy, there are 400km of hiking paths through meadows and mountains on the Waidring Steinplatte, with lots of beautiful places to stop and rest on the way.

If finding fossils and learning about the prehistoric underwater world hasn’t amazed you, the incredible scenery certainly will. Best of all, you can experience all this without having to pay a penny; entrance is completely free.

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