Useful Guide for Driving in France as a Tourist

If you have chosen France as one of your traveling destinations for this year vacation, you should know how exactly you are going to do the sightseeing. If you plan to travel by bus, there is always a guide to show you how to deal with this type of traveling. In case you plan to rent a car and have the chance to see more of France while being behind the wheel, you should know some of the motoring guidelines that can help you have a safe and exciting experience as a driver in France country.

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Driving in France, Check with the following:

Do not forget to always put the seatbelt on

If in your city where you come from this is not always your concern you should know that here it is compulsory to put the seatbelt on when driving. This goes valid for both you as a driver and the rest of the passengers.

Kids under 10 are not allowed to sit at the front seats

If you have your children with you and they are under 10 of age, they should accompany you seating at the rear side of the car. They also need to sit in an adjusted child seat.

You must have at least 18 years

The driver should be aged over 18 in France when they drive a car or ride a 125cc motorcycle. For a motorcycle under 125cc, the rider should be over 15 of age.

Never drive after drinking an alcohol

Always avoid drinking if you plan to drive a car in France. There are very strict rules for this matter with on-the-spot fines when the driver is found with alcohol when being behind the wheel.

Take your documents

The documents that you should have with you are: driving license, vehicle registration document, insurance documents, passport and the car ownership.

Compulsory equipment

You are recommended to have in the car a first aid kit along with replacement bulb set. If the daytime is poor for the visibility you need to have dipped headlights on.

When driving in France you should know that headlamp converters come as compulsory devices. The same goes for warning red triangle and reflective jacket.

If you plan to take the trip in France during winter time, you must know that you are required to have the car equipped with winter tires. When being inside mountainous regions you are required to use snow chains over the tires, especially if you travel across the Alps. In case you are caught without these ones, police is entitled to stop you from traveling any further without snow chains in this part of France.

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