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A ski and spa town located at the confluence of the Dorna River, Neagra Sarului and Bistrita River, Vatra Dornei is well known for the healing properties of its natural mineral springs. This alone makes it famous amongst tourists and locals alike and they flock to the region for the springs, mud and negative ionised air.

It is a popular location for winter sports nuts. It boasts many slopes and ski lifts and there are routes to the Giumalau and Suhard mountains. River-rafting is another popular pursuit in Vatra Dornei as well as mountain climbing and cycling. Winter time is a busy period for Vatra Dornei and you’ll find the slopes and mountains packed with sporting types.

Vatra Dornei photo
Photo by Chodaboy

The town stretches along many kilometres of the river banks but the town centre is quite compact. The town is also divided into a northern and southern part and most of the restaurants and shops can be found in the northern part. The southern part is a good destination if you are interested in parks and nice buildings.

With an ideal mixture of rest and activity, Vatra Dornei offers something for everyone. The world famous painted monasteries are not too far away and with the benefit of a rented car, you can spend a couple of days away exploring those as well.

Accommodation is widely available in Vatra Dornei and you can choose to stay in a hotel or rent a private villa if you prefer to be a little more self sufficient.


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