Vianden – the most picturesque town you could imagine | Luxembourg

For the most picturesque town you could ever possibly imagine, visit Vianden. About an hour by bus from Luxembourg City, it is a beautiful and lovely place to spend a day.

The main attraction, aside from the pure beauty of the town itself, is Vianden Castle. It became a pile of rubble in 1820, but has been recently restored to its former glory and is open to the public now. You can freely wander through the castle’s beautiful rooms, taking in courtyards, knights’ studies, bedrooms, dining rooms, chapels, crypts, basements kitchens and cellars — there are also guided visits available. Plus, the gift shop in the castle is the best place to buy a few Vianden souvenirs.

Photo by CGilles7

Château de Vianden

Once in the town you can take a chairlift up to a scenic view, swimming pool and zipline. Back in the town you can visit The Ancien Cinema, which shows a variety of films and has a number of books on different aspects of the film industry, as well as serving drinks and desserts.

Attracting as many tourists as it does, Vianden knows how to cater for them. There are many hotels are restaurants in Vianden, with prices and what they serve differing wildly. Some establishments are little more than snack bars selling hamburgers, chicken patties and fries for €5; then there are high-end restaurants serving the traditional cuisine of France and/or Germany. Then there is everything in between — pizza, pasta, Chinese food and every dessert you can think of.

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  1. Monica

    Luxembourg truly looks like a beautiful place to visit, and how wonderful that they have restored the castle to its former glory! I have been to Windsor and Warwick Castles in England and really enjoyed the experience. Thank you for the wealth of travel information on your blog and I look forward to future articles.