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Based in southern Estonia, Viljandi is a hilly town and municipality, regularly referred to as a ‘bohemian’ place to visit. Boasting greenery, ancient trees, ruins, cobbled streets and a beautiful lake, Viljandi is a relaxing and beautiful place to visit.

It is best known for hosting the annual Folk Festival at the end of July. For most Estonians, Viljandi is the place to go for folk music. Most of the concerts as part of the Festival take place in Viljandi Castle’s ruins which offer breath taking venues, and in beautiful local churches.

Viljandi photo
Photo by troy david johnston

Viljandi has its own museum which is inside one of the oldest buildings in the town. In it you can admire an exhibition about the reconstruction of the Viljandi Order Castle, weapons, national clothing and jewellery.

The ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle are a wonderful sightseeing opportunity. Wars between Sweden, Poland and Russia ensured that the Castle was reduced to just a few walls but wandering through the ruins is an exciting experience and you can enjoy wonderful views over the lake of Viljandi.

Viljandi photo
Photo by zkvrev

St. Paul’s Church in Viljandi, Estonia

Another must see is Viljandi’s Traditional Music Barn. It is found on the slopes of Castle Hill and offers not only a music shop selling instruments and a wide selection of traditional music CDs, but also acts as a venue for large scale concerts. Musicians can also rehearse here under the beautiful arches of the basement.

Viljandi is a wonderful place to visit if you are in search of culture, music and history.


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