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Vilsandi National Park in Estonia is a very popular location visited by both tourists and locals. You can choose from a wide selection of hiking paths that include bird watching towers. The park is based in the northern part of Saaremaa Island. The park was developed from the original Vaika Bird Reserve which was founded in 1914.

The park was founded to protect the coastal nature and cultural heritage of the area. It includes more than 150 islands of varying sizes, including some beautiful tiny islets. You can admire 250 different species of birds and the sky is a sight to behold when it’s speckled with countless birds in flight.

The area is highly sensitive due to the sheer number of migrating birds using it as a nesting and breeding ground. Because of this, hunting is strictly forbidden within the park.


Loona Manor photo
Photo by JsonLind

There is a large visitors’ centre located in Loona Manor which is a building containing parts that date back to the middle ages. Loona Manor also has a pleasant adjoining park.

From this building, trips to Vilsandi Island can be organised. Vilsandi Island is the only island within the park that has permanent human inhabitants living on it and so makes for a very interesting destination.

Aside from the guided tours, Vilsandi National Park is free to visit. If you do have a bit of spare cash to spend, you could hire bikes to explore the area or even book yourself onto one of the many boat trips that are available.


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