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If you plan to visit France, a great traveling experience would be going to the South of France, a region where large areas are covered with vineyards that produce the best wines in this country and one of the best in the world at all. The surface that is covered in vineyards spreads on 40,000 acres where small villages populate the land to enhance the picturesque of these places.

The South West region includes also the wonderful views of Garonne river adding more delight to the scenery of this place. You must know that taste of Bordeaux wines originates from this area. Due to the warm climate that is characteristic to this region the grapes are always harvested earlier in the year conferring a slightly stronger alcohol level to the wine. The hot dry summer time and the temperate winter time are part of the climate that vines love the most to turn their harvest into tasty and unique wine production.

South of France photo
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South of France

You will find that many of the wineries include the “Sud de France” – Southern France – title when they name their wines. The same famous name is found on products of olive oil, pies, and cheeses belonging to this region.

If you take a look among the properties that are found in the South of France, you can instantly fall in love with various versions of modernist farms or cottages for two or a village house that can make your idyllic dreams come true.

You can choose to live by a beach chalet that is a perfect completion of the wonderful view of Mediterranean Sea. Whichever place you select for your staying in the South of France you will be delighted with its authenticity and beautiful landscapes.

South of France photo
Photo by GrosVakhiin

South of france

Browsing online sites with properties located in the South of France you can find also loft style apartments decorated in a modernistic interior design to choose for your living there. The barn conversion can be a great alternative if you love living amongst the vines that spread all over the region.

The beaches are a point of attractions not only for visitors but also for those who want to find a place to live in. You are allowed to take your sun bath in topless since many of the beach goers in this part of France have a more liberal attitude in this matter.

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