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The views of the Wastwater Lake are among the most loved from all British and it is really amazing to dive into its quiet atmosphere full of mystery and beauty. You can found the lake in the magnificent Wasdale Valley, in Lake District National Park.

Once you get there you will be exhilarated by the incredible view of the calm blue lake surrounded by wonderful mountains. The magic, which the area has, is unexplainable and will strike you immediately after your arrival.

The interesting facts about the Wastwater Lake are many, but it’s important to remember that it is the deepest lake in England and it is also surrounded by several mountains among which is the highest one in England – Scafell Pike (978 metres above sea level).

The waters of the lake don’t contain a lot of oxygen, therefore, it is not very popular diving destination. Well, there are many other pleasant outdoor activities which you can perform if you decide to visit this unique place.

Wastwater Lake photo
Photo by davebyford01

Wastwater lake, Lake District National Park

The lake is ideal for swimming, kayaking and other water sports that are not harmful for the environment. The whole area is a natural reserve, so you are not allowed to contaminate the lake with the fuel of your jet boat for example.

If you are looking to spend more than one day in the area, then there are some really nice hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Wasdale Head, located on one of the ends of the lake. The lovely village is great starting point for your pleasant walks and hiking along the lake.

Well, if you don’t plan to pass through some of the dangerous parts of the shore, then you won’t have any problems. Just make sure to be fully prepared and equipped if you want to walk around the whole lake.

The famous Screes, the steep cliffs around the lake need to be climbed, so you have to be ready for that if you want to avoid any accidents.

If you spend more time around the lake, you will see that it becomes more mystical and beautiful with every minute passed. That feeling can be compared only with love and respect.

The incredible landscape will make you brand new and reloaded with energy. The pleasant picnics with your family and friends will definitely help you to trust and respect the lake and its beautiful surroundings even more than expected.

One thing that you should never forget to bring with you even if your backpack is too heavy is your camera. The pictures that you will make are going to adorn your album and desktop for long period of time.

The interesting Screes, formed due to the ice activity, and the lake as a background are simply a picture that you must have in your home collection.

There are other lakes in the beautiful area, but Wastwater Lake is the most attractive of them for sure. So, don’t forget to see and feel it whenever you get a chance to visit Cumbria. It is going to be some of the most pleasant moments in your life.


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